DGD Days: 04.10.17 - 06.10.2017

The annual DGD Days on "Discretization in Geometry and Dynamics" will be held this year in the Science and Study Center of the TU München, located in the former Cistercian Monastery of Raitenhaslach in Bayern. The DGD Days program is organized with presentations of key themes in the mornings and with workshops and research groups in the afternoons, providing ample opportunity for discussion and exchange.


The current schedule for the DGD Days is available here

Afternoon Workshops

For the afternoon sessions of the DGD Days, workshops from different areas of the SFB have been planned.

In order to schedule the workshops effectively, please move your choice of workshops from the list below in order of preference (favourite at the top). In the list, there is also the option “Workshops below: no participation” which acts as a cut-off line. Workshops which you definitely do not wish to participate in should be moved below this listing.

Where "1 - 2 Sessions" for a workshop are listed, the final number of sessions will be determined on the basis of interest shown as well as the combinational possibilities with other workshops.

When you have completed your ranking, please don’t forget to click on the “send” button, to register your choices

Based on the rankings, we then aim to schedule the workshops so that the majority of participants can attend all the workshops they are interested in.

A detailed list of the workshops is available here

Workshop Ranking

  • Dimer models and discrete complex analysis: Talks & Exchange
  • Geometry and Elasticity
  • polymake: Interactive software demonstration and applications
  • Geometry of a double helix
  • Dynamically induced geometric heat flows
  • Analog-to-digital conversion as a dynamical system
  • Topological data analysis and signal processing
  • Approximation with Deep Neuronal Networks
  • Delaunay triangulations and circular nets
  • CindyJS: Software Demo, possibilities and applications
  • Work in Groups
  • ⤋ Workshops below: no participation ⤋


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